Iron Gym Pull-up Bar

Compared to a few years ago, life has sped up to so much that it doesn’t seem like we have a full 24-hours for each day. We barely have for ourselves after all the pull up bar work, chores and responsibilities (and play, for the more hedonistic people). It gets worse when ask too much of our bodies and inevitably get sick.

Getting enough exercise is seeming more and more an unattainable goal. Well, it did. Until I found out about the Iron Gym Pull-up Bar. It is a door gym system that incorporates an almost complete regiment for your upper body work out. After I set it up, I noticed that because of its ease and convenience (as far as strenuous activities are concerned), my motivation to get in shape has never been higher. Here are a couple of reasons why I like my new Iron Gym Pull-up Bar:

1. It is easy to install. – Most “door gym” systems require screws and fasteners but this one doesn’t. You can just fit it onto your door frame and it is ready for use. If you want to keep it in storage or you decide to get rid of it (which is a fairly common occurrence when it comes to exercise equipment), you can take it down with no permanent damage to you door frame.

2. It offers a great upper body regiment. – Using the Bar, you can perform pull-ups, push ups, dips and abdominal exercises. The instruction manual offers different variations for each exercise so that your muscles don’t get used to any single exercise and will continue to develop. With a bit of determination, you can achieve surprising results!

3. It is convenient. – See the bar on your door frame every morning will remind you that you need to keep active. You don’t have to get dressed and go out for your workout because you already have it in the comfort of your own room. Personally, this is the best aspect of the pull up bar door gym system that appeals to me. No more muscle-bound trainers and lunk head oafs to deal with.



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