Use Pull Up Bars Properly

Chin-ups and pull-ups if properly done can help you a lot. Of course, just a couple of sessions over a week won’t really help you. If anything, you will probably notice a slight pain in areas of your body that has been stressed. But that’s OK. But if you are doing these strength training pull up bar door frame workouts regularly, and if you are doing it correctly, then you will start seeing the results quickly.

Sure enough, you are going to face problems if you are just starting off using the pull up bars. You might find that hauling yourself up isn’t very easy. At the most, you might be able to do it once or twice. But keep at it, and you will notice a gradual improvement. The new exercise regimen is bound to work for you. Here, is some help you can do with. This will help you learn the correct technique of using pull up bars.

The Correct Technique for Using Pull Up Bars

Here’s the correct technique for using these bars. Follow this step-by-step guide precisely.

•Squeeze your bar and put it close to the fingers. Remember, the bars shouldn’t be in your palms.
•Breathe when you are not hauling yourself. Breathing is always easy when you are not in the hauled state. Breathe in deeply, and then try to haul yourself up.
•Keep your chest up. Prevent your shoulders from going forward, because it is not good for the shoulders. Hold your shoulders back and forward your chest.
•Look towards the ceiling. Whether you are doing pull up bar door frame, remember not to look down ever. You should look towards the pull up bars instead. Focus on the place, where you want to haul yourself up. It will also help you strengthen your determination.
•Your elbows need to point towards the floor. Keep your elbows on the floor and try to hoist yourself up. This will give your back muscles the exercise they need to become strong.
•Now bend the legs, and cross the feet. Do not let your legs hang, because this will reduce the strength. Squeeze the gluts when you are going up.

Be Careful When You Are Exercising

Remember, it is always important to be careful when you are exercising. Often, people make errors, and these can be costly mistakes. It could cause an injury. At the gym, there are instructors to guide you, but obviously, you cannot have any guidance when you are exercising at home. So be careful.

Here are some common errors most people make when exercising with pull up bar door frame. Knowing about them will help you avoid making them.

•Not keeping the arms straight – Remember to keep your elbows straight.
•Your shoulders should not go forward – This is a bad posture and definitely poor technique. Remember to keep the chest up, as you are pushing the elbows towards the floor.


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